10 Web Design Practices to Build A Highly Profitable Website

"Profitable Project Plan is a lot of work upfront but once the system is in place you'll see your time investment decrease and profitability increase for each project. The best part is that the framework builds a strong foundation that can be completely customized for your unique business.

As a HubSpot provider who provides web design and development for small business owners and marketing teams, my business and information is different but the PPP framework still works. I simply plugged in my guides based on the framework outlined and my clients love the extra education.

To get the most out of your business, you have to invest in your business. You are already putting in the time and energy promoting your product or service, but what about your business website?

When it comes to attracting customers and clients, you can not underestimate the importance your online presence plays. 87% percent of shoppers begin their search for products or services online, regardless of whether they buy online or in-store. If your business is not taking advantage of online exposure, you could be missing a significant opportunity to attract new consumers.

Do not miss out on sales simply because your website is not doing its job promoting your business. A small investment in website design and development could yield revenue streams you've been missing out on.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to land first on SERPs (search engine result pages)? It's not luck; internet search engines use many signals to rank pages, and most of these signals relate directly to the development and design of your website. If you know how to incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) principles into your website, you can rank higher on internet searches and increase your exposure, simply by building a better website.

Appealing to online shoppers is not much different than engaging in-store shoppers; you just have less time to do it - 50 milliseconds to be exact, according to recent research. To make sure users are not navigating away from your page as soon as they arrive, you need first to impress them with your visual content, and then keep them there by providing an exceptional user experience.

Good website design is way more than just looking nice. Everything about your website should invite users to explore your page. From the visuals to the navigation to the copy to website speed, they all need to work seamlessly together to provide the ultimate user experience. 48% of people report that website design is the most important factor for evaluating a business online, and 38% said that they would leave a website they found to be unattractive or poorly designed.

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Your business should be visible online, and for that, you need a website. Website is a soul for any business; a good site is not only defined by its content but its design first. This article will tell you tips for a stunning web page design that will make your business profitable.

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In today's global marketplace, it is not favorable to have a weak online presence. To truly capitalize the opportunity and build an optimized digital experience, a well-structured website is a must. We can find thousands of business websites which lack in terms of functionality and visual appearance.

Why do businesses need a spot on websites with incredible capabilities to attract and retain tech-savvy customers? Because it hardly possible to get a second chance to make the first expression. That's why your website is one of the most critical parts of your online marketing efforts.

For any progressive company, a site acts like its virtual front door. If people do not like what they experience, they will hit the exit button and never get back. This is ironic but still true that people still use to judge a book by its cover. If the appearance of your web presence is off-putting, you are unlikely to achieve the desired results.

A good business site never fails to drive traffic and conversion. To achieve your business goals, you need a website equipped with engaging, dynamic user experience. A good user experience is definitely something beyond eye-catching graphics. You must understand the principles of good website design.

Everything in a web design, from visuals to navigation, must be meaningful. If you want to redesign an existing website, audit various elements on your site and focus on what is necessary. If you are looking to design a brand new site for your business, use wireframes and sitemaps to prioritize tasks.

Here's the problem. Many of us who run small businesses are not great at being profitable. We want to do a great job for our clients, charge a fair price, and focus as much as we can on our craft. Those are all great things, but barely making it brings a whole host of problems. Stress? Check. Not having enough money to pay your bills? Check. Being totally screwed when tax time comes around? Double check. At that point I guarantee you you're not doing a great job for your clients or focusing on your craft because you're too worried about how to pay your light bill.

What if instead of rushing to the bank every time a check came in you could wait 2-3 weeks before depositing it? What if you had several months 'cushion in your savings account? What if the actual money part of the business was the last thing on your mind because you had taken the steps to setup a web shop that was profitable enough to actually keep you in business?

expenses per job

For every website you build, there are going to be expenses. Some of these are unique to the project - like the cost of your CMS licenses, plugins and add-ons. Or maybe stock photography or typefaces you need to buy. There could be contractor expenses if you are hiring out parts of the job that you can not do. We used to just kind of guess what this would end up costing us, especially when we did fixed bid pricing. Guess how often we ended up eating into our profit on the job? All the time.

Make sure you either spend a good bit of time writing out every single possible expense, adding it up and adding it to the cost of the job or do what we do and set up a specfic budget with your clients for expenses. We do not marke them up, but just pass on the cost line item by line item so they know exactly what they're paying for.

company expenses

There are other costs to running your business. Maybe you have an office you rent. You're probably using some kind of project management software like Basecamp. Then there's accounting or time tracking / invoicing software. We have a Typekit account so we can provide our clients with awesome custom typography. Have employees? This gets a whole lot more complicated. The list can go on and on. Do you know how much all that stuff adds up to?

These expenses need to be brought in to the cost of your jobs as well. Because if there's not enough profit in your projects to cover these monthly expenses you're going to keep coming up short.


This is the one that always gets you if you're not paying close attention. Let's say you have a $ 5,000 project you're working on. Between a CMS license, a couple of commercial jQuery plugins and a custom font your expenses for this particular job are about $ 1,000. Now let's throw in about $ 500 to cover your company expenses, too. So you've just made $ 3,500 right?

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