Web Design vs Web Functionality

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The terms web development and web design are often confused and thought to be one and the same thing. The roles that are involved in each of the niches are often thought to be composed of similar elements. Although, it is true that some factors have to be considered by both the parties in order to reach a consensus since web development and web design are both interdependent. The fact remains that both of these two lines of work that are crucial to the formation of a website are actually starkly distinctive from each other. When it comes to the roles associated with web development vs. web design, both differ from each other on various grounds.

Think of web designers as artists that help in building a story or an idea into something that can be presented in a visually appealing aspect. They help build a layout for a website that achieves the client's vision regarding the user experience of the website. A web designer is a person who is responsible for how a website looks and feels. A web designer does a job that is similar to an architect building a plan before starting construction on your house. The web designer is the person who draws out the initial layout of the website (just like the plans of an architect) before a web developer can input his efforts to develop (similar to the construction of the house) the website.

The role of a web designer is not as easy as it seems. They have to create the initial impression that you would have when you visit a website and, along with it, integrate the elements of user experience in order to create an environment which appears to be welcoming. They have to transform an idea into a design that can be used while also serving the purpose of being a great user interface. They also have the task of creating a site that catches the attention of the user. If the website fails to adopt a well-knit design strategy before the beginning of the project, then it is sure to fail. In today's day and age a web designer enjoys the same respect as a web developer because it has been realized that great coding would be futile if the user experience that complements it is not done properly.

The elements of typography, colors, design, aesthetics, textures, unity, branding, user experience, user interaction, and emphasis all come under the purview of a good web design. All of the visual elements that are capable of making a website look great while also serving the goals of the client, whether that is lead capture, promotion of an event, or ecommerce. Web designing applications include programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Mockplus, and UXPin can be used to help build up the user experience of a website.

Web developers are those people who are capable of transforming the design aspects of a webpage into a live and functional website that is actually capable of working. Different kinds of software tools and web languages ​​that are used for programming and coding are utilized by web developers in order to create a functional website.

Front-end developers are those people who have some knowledge in both the fields of developing and designing. They are the connection between a back-end developer and a web designer. A front-end developer is responsible for building up the interface of the website and making the website interactive in order to connect the layout at the user's end along with the back-end servers of the website. The most important programming languages ​​that are used by front-end developers include HTML, CSS / SCSS, and JavaScript (JQuery, React, Angular, and Vue being the most popular libraries and frameworks).

About the medium well

Web design is a highly versatile medium, and the possibilities can be endless. However, most of the sites we visit every day are fairly plain, text-based ways of conveying information. Whether it's cnn. om or Facebook, sites are generally designed to at least partially resemble printed documents, with boxes and grids delineating information into parseable chunks, but there's a lot more you can do with web design. Items on a page do not need to be stationery or even scroll at the same speed, and more and more professional sites are starting to implement these more sophisticated elements. These updates can not only make user experience more enticing, but can also make site content more digestible.

Some publishers are exploring new ways of presenting multimedia content. You may be interested to check out New York Time's "Snow Fall" to see how videos can be fluidly integrated into reading experiences. To see an example of this on a website we've done, click here. Also check out the Faraday Future website to see how page elements can move and be interactive. These are all great examples of how simple sites can be given an extra edge to impress their readers without being too complex or overwhelming.

However, web design can go even further, eschewing any content at all. Explore "Form Follows Function", a collection of interactive web experiences. This site sheds the pretext of websites needing practical information, and simply aims to show off the power of these new technological advancements in web design, collectively known as HTML5.

AOR is positioned to start using some of these heavily interactive techniques in websites. If you're interested in something unconventional and entirely cutting-edge, let us know! You can check out examples of the websites that we've designed here, and send us a message to hellothinkaor. om to get your web design conversation started.

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