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I have to thank my father for getting me into computers. He sampled a lot of personal PCs in the early eighties, from the Kaypro to the Apple II ... eventually settling on the Apple Macintosh (what we now call the Mac). I paid attention and followed his lead, resulting in the career that I have now.

In turn, my son might follow my lead and strive for a career in web design and development, but I'm fine if he does not. Ask any parent what they want for their kid and most will answer, "I want them to be happy and healthy." I've heartily adopted this philosophy and while I'll make sure that he's afforded every opportunity to succeed, my son could be a janitor for all I care, just so long as he possesses those two characteristics.

While I will not force tech down his throat, I am concerned that he will not receive adequate computer training at school, particularly in high school where most computer training takes place. You see, technology as a whole changes rapidly; so rapidly that it's tough to develop and test a long-term teaching curriculum for web design & development. Students are being taught Microsoft Word and the like, but HTML courses are few and far between.

If my son wants to do what dear-old dad does for a living, I've realized that I may have to teach him some web-related stuff outside of normal school hours. I've spent some time contemplating exactly how I would do this and came up with this list of steps and advice. While reviewing it, I realized that it's good advice for all students, particularly high school ones:

remember that all of your high school classes are important

A common belief among high school students is that there's no need to take classes which have no bearing on their career aspirations. "I want to be a doctor, so how is my French class helping me achieve that goal?" they'll say, for example. Or, "What's the point of my passing math class since I want to be a football player?"

A good doctor does more than perform surgeries. They need to review blood work, memorize the medical histories for ten or more people at a time, teach interns and residents while working ... surgery is only part of the job. And do you really want to be a football player, or any type of athlete for that matter, that does not have adequate math skills? How will you manage your money if you make it big?

In other words, the point of taking seemingly unrelated high school classes is to learn how to think and organize multiple tasks, skills you'll need in the web field ... or any job field for that matter. <

learn html first

HTML is the web programming language used to create a website's basic structure. It's relatively easy to learn and can be created with a simple text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit ... DO NOT MICROSOFT WORD! Do a quick Google search to find lots of free HTML tutorials.

10 Tips For High Schoolers Wanting To Be Web Designers Or Developers

Web developers

You should also consider taking some advanced courses in high school. This includes Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses if they are available in your school. If you do well in these courses, you may receive college credit for them. Advanced courses can also strengthen your college application.

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